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fifth President Lorenzo Snow

Towards the page ninety (section four) of the synchronised manual entitled Presidents of one’s Church Student Guidelines: Faith 345 (2004), according to the subheading, “It Will Plan out Worlds and Signal More than Them,” they claims:

“Only a few days prior to his demise, President Snow went along to the new Brigham Young College [upcoming Brigham Younger Academy], at Provo. Chairman Brimhall escorted brand new team compliment of among the houses; the guy wanted to achieve the construction place as soon as possible, as the youngsters had currently gathered. These were going right through one of many preschool bedroom; President Brimhall had attained the entranceway and you can was about to start they and continue when Chairman Snow said: ‘Wait a moment, Chairman Brimhall, I want to see these types of pupils where you work; what exactly are it carrying out?’ Sis Brimhall replied which they was and work out clay spheres. ‘Which is quite interesting,’ the Chairman said. ‘I want to see her or him.’ He on the side watched the youngsters for a few minutes and increased a little girl, possibly half dozen years of age, and you may endured her on the a dining table. Then he grabbed the latest clay sphere out-of their hand, and you may, turning to Sibling Brimhall, said: ‘Chairman Brimhall, this type of children are now on play, and make dirt planets, the time may come when some of these males, thanks to their faithfulness toward gospel, have a tendency to progress and develop inside the knowledge, cleverness and fuel, in future eternities, up until they will be in a position to big date to your area in which there is unorganized number and you may phone call with her the desired aspects, and you may courtesy the experience in and you will control over the brand new laws and regulations and you will vitality away from character, to arrange count on the worlds on what their posterity could possibly get live, as well as over which they will rule just like the gods.’ (Snow, Improvement Time, June 1919, 658–59).”

“We have been the newest girls and boys regarding Goodness, created with the same attributes and you will vitality when he and it has, capable of enlargement from experience that individuals are in reality passageway courtesy inside our second house… They have provided all of us qualities and you may energies mousemingle bio Г¶rnekleri that are able to enhancement up to His fullness is attained which he have assured – until we are going to sit up on thrones, ruling and you will handling the posterity away from eternity to eternity, and you can growing eternally.” (Millennial Star , Oct 5, 1894)

“When two Second-big date Saints was joined together in-marriage, promises are made to him or her concerning its kiddies that arrive at regarding eternity so you can eternity. He or she is assured which they will have the strength together with directly to govern and you can handle and you can give salvation and you can exaltation and magnificence on the girls and boys, globes as opposed to avoid. And what offspring they don’t have right here, seriously you’ll encounter possibilities to keep them hereafter. Exactly what more you are going to kid desire to? Men and you may a lady, about most other existence, having celestial government, free of problems and you can situation, glorified and you can beautified past breakdown, condition in the midst of the posterity, governing and you may handling them, applying lives, exaltation and you may fame worlds instead of stop” (Deseret Reports, 13 Mar. 1897; cited by the Spencer W. Kimball on Magic from Forgiveness , 246; Look for including Training 10 of your own Second-go out Saint Girl: Very first Manual for females, Area A).

next President Brigham More youthful

“All those who happen to be mentioned deserving to be exalted and end up being Gods, probably the sons from Jesus, goes forward and then have earths and you will planets such as those which presented which and you may millions toward many anyone else.” (Diary regarding Discourses )

“Which have fought the nice fight we following will likely be ready to set our bodies down to others to wait for the fresh new day of brand new resurrection after they may come forward and be reunited having the latest morale, the latest loyal, because it’s told you, getting crowns, glory, immortality and you will endless lifetime, even an effective fulness towards the Father, whenever God should present Their work to the father, stating, ‘Father, here is the works thou gavest us to perform.’ After that tend to they become Gods, even the sons of God; following often they end up being endless dads, eternal moms and dads, endless sons and endless girl; are endless in their providers they’re going out-of fame to help you glory, off capacity to stamina; they never ever cease to increase also to multiply, planets without end. When they receive the crowns, its dominions, then they was willing to physique earths such as for example unto ours in order to some one her or him in the same way even as we have come introduced forth by our very own mothers, by the all of our Dad and you can Jesus” (Discourses out-of Brigham More youthful, p. 283; Record out of Discourses , Oct 8, 1876)

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